2 Pool Pump Problems in Scottsdale, AZ

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Problem: The pool pump turns on and off intermittently.Solution: Identify why the pump is overheating.

When a pool pump cycles on and off, it generally means something is causing it to overheat. This can be caused by:

    A jammed impeller. The impeller is the device on the front of the pump that pulls water in through the center and then sends it out through its veins.

    Wiring that is too small. This generally occurs in pumps that have just been installed.

    Bad bearings. This is typically caused by age.

Normally if a motor is cycling on and off, the homeowner will really need to consult a pool professional in Scottsdale, AZ because it will require pump disassembly.

Problem: Your pool pump in Scottsdale, AZ is leaking.Solution: Identify the component that’s letting water out.

There are several reasons a pump could develop a leak, including:

    The seal plate O-ring is bad.

    A bolt or clamp is loose.

    The drain plugs are leaking, which means there is a faulty seal where it meets the pump.

If you can see where a bolt or clamp is loose you may be able to tighten the piece and stop the leak. If it seems like an internal part is causing the leak, you should contact Admiral Pools.

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