6 Common Errors about Cloudy Swimming Pool Water in Scottsdale, AZ

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1. Rain doesn’t make pools cloudy!

Usually the problem is that pool owners don’t care for their pools during a rainy spell.

2.Too much chlorine makes pools CLEAR, if uncomfortable to swim in!

Except for calcium hypochlorite, none of the pool chlorine materials can cause cloudiness, unless something else is in the pool, that shouldn’t be.

3. Low calcium doesn’t make swimming pools cloudy . . . EVER!

4. Low alkalinity doesn’t make pools cloudy . . . EVER!

5. Low stabilizer doesn’t make pools cloudy (but it can led to low chlorine).

However, in an outdoor pool this can result in low chlorine, which results in cloudiness.

6. Lack of clarifier doesn’t make pools cloudy.

A properly filtered, circulated and treated swimming pool will not be cloudy, even if without any clarifier.For all your pool cleaning needs in Scottsdale, AZ give Admiral Pools a call.

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