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Bring the Golf Course to the Pool with the Floating Golf Green

by Cailley Hammel August 31, 2012 9:43 AM

We’re not talking about some all-inclusive resort, here: This is a floating golf green that allows your customers to enjoy their swimming pool and perfect their golf game at the same time.

Created by IntelliTurf, Inc., a company that specializes in synthetic grass, the Floating Golf Green was created to satisfy a need. According to their website, the pros at IntelliTurf were often approached by wives and girlfrields looking to give the gift of a golf green, but the $10,000+ price point easily dissuaded them. With this in mind, as well the sight of leftover scraps of turf from other projects, IntelliTurf created an affordable, yet high-end product while also recycling discarded turf. 

Poolside golf? That’s definitely the best of both worlds. 

IntelliTurf‘s Floating Golf Green starts at $350; custom orders are welcome. For pricing information, more detail and a few games to try on the Floating Golf Green, visit their website:


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