Calcium Build-up in Your Pool in Scottsdale, AZ

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Calcium Build-up in Scottsdale, AZ

Q:What is calcium build-up?A:There is usually two much calcium in your swimming pool water. 

Q:Why do I have calcium build-up in my pool in Scottsdale, AZ?A:There is too much calcium in your water. Calcium levels should be between (00000) and (0000) parts per million. Again, improper water chemistry is the culprit.Call 480-222-0895 today for more information.

Q:How do I get rid of calcium build-up in my pool in Scottsdale, AZ?A:A couple ways to remove calcium deposits from your swimming pool tile are by acid washing the pool and using a pumice stone on the calcium deposit or using a bead blaster to remove the deposits. Bead blasters shoot pressurized glass beads at the deposits removing them from your tile. The beads are then vacuumed up by the bead blasting company. If your pool plaster is in good shape, no roughness or stains, you may want to check into bead blasting as an alternative to acid washing. Call Admiral Pools today for more information.

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