Cloudy Pool Problems in Scottsdale, AZ

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Eliminate dead algae.Cloudy pool water or dirty hot tub water often occurs after a person uses an algaecide to kill the bacteria. While live algae can make the water green, dead algae are blue or gray, creating cloudy swimming pool water. If your pool has a cartridge or sand filter, you may need to add a flocculant or a clarifier to remove the dead bacteria.

A flocculant is a pool chemical that will bind microscopic chemicals together. When you add flocculant, or floc, to swimming pools, the chemical binds the dead algae together, making the bundle heavy enough to sink to the pool’s bottom. Once the debris sinks, you can use a pool vacuum to eliminate it.

A clarifier forces dead algae to coagulate, making it easier for the filter to eliminate the problem. Getting rid of cloudy pool water can take longer when you use a clarifier, but this reduces the need to vacuum the pool.

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