How to Clean a Pool in Scottsdale, AZ

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It’s fun to own a pool and enjoy splashing around on those lazy summer days! However,maintaining the pool is a big job and should be taken seriously, to keep your pool clean and looking good. The pool looks dirty when leaves and debris find their way into the pool and accumulate on the water surface. All of this needs to be cleaned out frequently; the walls, flooring and steps of the pool also need frequent scrubbing or they will start turning slippery and mossy.

This article will cover some basic tips you need to keep in mind for your pool cleaning sessions. Read it to get some useful information you can use, when next cleaning out your pool. You need to invest in some pool cleaning equipment that includes a skimming net, pool vacuum cleaner and algae brush for starters. Once you have the equipment you can get started with your pool cleaning efforts as detailed below:

1. Use the skimming net to remove leaves and other debris that is floating on the surface of the water. This should not take very long, provided you don’t have too many trees overlooking thepool. Keep a large garbage can beside you and empty your skim net into it. Keep going until the water in your pool looks clean.

2. The floor and walls of the pool need cleaning too. Algae build up and start to spread over the bottom and sides of the pool, requiring you to give the entire pool a good scrubbing every so often.First drain the pool completely and then use a long handled rough scrubbing brush; you get them made especially for swimming pools. Start at one end of the pool and work your way all down the side to the other end; then continue on around the bend and over to the other side. Once the walls are done you can do the floor, working your way across it from side to side in a systematic manner. If your pool has tiles, you will have to get a separate tile cleaning brush.

3. You need to vacuum your pool once a week to keep it really clean. There are automatic pool cleaning systems available on the market that will suck up debris and other dirt from the bottom of the pool. This will save you much effort and time in not having to manually clean it up. The automatic pool cleaning vacuums are a bit expensive though.

4.Swimming pools have strainers and filters to prevent the drains from becoming clogged. Debris and leaves do make their way down to the filters and strainers, which need to be cleaned periodically. Filters need replacing every so often, so you will have to check on them every timeyou clean your pool.

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