How to Clean a Swimming Pool in Scottsdale, AZ

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Watch chlorine levels. It’s important to test the water daily using a chemical test kit to ensure it is clean and safe to swim in. The ideal chlorine level is 1.5 to 2 ppm (parts per million) and high chlorine levels can be reduced by installing Ozone or UV disinfection systems. Stabilisers like cyanuric acid can be used to prevent chlorine in an outdoor pool from being destroyed by the sun’s UV rays.Monitor water levels. If your pool has a skimmer system, water should be kept at about half the level of the skimmer opening. If it falls below the opening, it can affect filtration efficiency or even cause damage. Surface debris will not be skimmed into the skimmer, Malay says. In an overflow channel pool, the water level should be up to the overflow grating point as this will help the surface debris to be skimmed off easily.

Do not neglect the walls and the floor of the pool.  Be sure to brush the floor and the walls of the pool to keep the pool as clean as possible and to make your plaster finish have the longest life possible.  Brush every three weeks or as needed.

Neglecting your salt chlorine generator.  Be sure to clean the cells of the salt chlorine generator to keep them running efficiently and producing enough chlorine.  Failure to maintain the salt chlorine generator, could result in costly repairs later.

The filter in your swimming pool will also need to be cleaned. The best way to go about this is to familiarise yourself with the type you have and to follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

Your swimming pool in Scottsdale, AZ should be shocked roughly once a week. This will get rid of any build up of waste in the pool and will ensure your pool water is kept safe and clean. Most households only need to shock their pools once a week. However, if your pool is used very regularly then you may need to shock more frequently. Shocking is easy – simply pour cleaning liquid slowly into a jet of water. It must be poured slowly so that it doesn’t sink to the bottom, and instead is distributed around the pool. This raises the chlorine level for a short time, destroying any bacteria in the water.

Generally speaking, you will have a beautiful and safe pool if you hire a professional pool cleaning service in Scottsdale, AZ.

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