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If your swimming pool will not stay clear, you need this tip: 
Your pool chemistry may be out of balance, allowing algae to multiply. The flow rate through the filter may be low due to clogged or undersized piping. Cleaning the lines or changing to larger pipes will correct this problem. 

Your filter operation time may not be long enough to compensate for heavy use or hot weather. Try running your filter for 24 hours to clear the water, then adjust to less running time. 

Your pump may be hooked up to the wrong port on the multiport valve. If incorrectly installed, the filter will be flowing in reverse. Be sure the pump is connected to the port marked “pump” on the valve. 

You could be backwashing too often. Backwash only when the pressure rises 7 – 10 psi over the starting pressure, or when the return flow back into the pool becomes low.
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