Pool Maintenance Tips in Scottsdale, AZ

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Keeping your pool safe for those who swim in it should always be a prime concern. Whether it’s keeping chemicals out of harms way or supervising swimming sessions, here are some essential do’s and dont’s :
DO :
Read the safety instructions on each chemical pack
Store all chemicals safely in a cool and dark place in the original and sealed containers, out of reach of children
Wear protective clothing when handling chemicals
Add chemicals to the water, not vice versa and follow pack instructions to the letter
Dispose of any spillages as directed on the label – but don’t use a vacuum cleaner
Take urgent action if chemicals come in contact with skin. Flush liberally with clean, fresh water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation occurs or chemicals are swallowed or come into contact with eyes, call a doctor immediately
Keep chemicals away from lawns, shrubs or trees
Teach water safety to all swimmers, especially children
Supervise all swimming in the pool and learn to swim and life-save
Tell guests the pool depth (or have it clearly marked) before they dive
Keep safety aids around the pool
Take care with pets, especially when using a pool cover
Fence in or fit a lockable gate to outdoor pools. Where this is not possible, use a firmly anchored, suspended pool cover
Remove steps from above ground pools after swimming
Arrange insurance cover for the pool and its use
Mix chemcals – Always follow pack instructions
Let chemicals become contaminated with rubbish such as wood shavings, paper or cotton. The strong oxidising power of Chlorine donors in particular makes this hazardous
Use glass objects around the pool
Inhale or splash chemical liquids & avoid handling tablets or granules with wet hands
Smoke near pool chemicals
Swim immediately after a meal or when feeling tired or unwell
Discharge pool water containing chemicals into water courses, septic tanks or streams, but only into a foul sewer. Where this is not possible, consult your pool maintenance company in Scottsdale, AZ. Feel free to give us a call for all your pool needs at 480-222-0895. 

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