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Swimming Pool and Spa Safety in Scottsdale, AZ

Swimming pools are a wonderful source of family enjoyment. Please do all you can to make sure your pool does not become a place of tragedy. Belowwe have provided a few pool and spa safety tips.

Swimming Pool/Spa Chemical Safety Tell A FriendStore your pool chemicals out of direct sunlight to prevent breakdown by UV rays. Scale and corrosive conditions occur when pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and dissolved solids are out of balance. Frequent testing can help prevent these problems before they get out of hand. Store pool chemicals out of the reach of children in sealed containers.

Swimming Pool/Spa Water SafetyMany pool safety organizations recommend the following safety tips for pool owners and parents who wish to provide the best level of aquatic safety possible for their family and visitors.

    Actively supervise your children around water and keep a phone nearby to call for help.    When there are several adults present, ask one adult to be a designated “water watcher” so someone is always watching the children. Take turns being the water watcher.    Never leave a child alone in or near a body of water, even if it’s only a few inches deep. Be wary of pools, but also bathtubs, toilets and buckets of water.    Pool owners should have pool fences and a self-closing, self-latching gate.    Hot tubs should be covered and locked.    Take a CPR class. Drowning victims need CPR before paramedics arrive.    Enroll your child in swimming lessons or, for children younger than 4, consider a water-survival class, which teaches children to roll over on their backs and float if they fall into a pool. See a children’s water-survival class in progress.


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