Rough Pool Plaster in Scottsdale, AZ

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Why is my plaster rough?A:Rough plaster or sharp areas in your pool that can hurt your feet can be caused by poor water chemistry. Poor water chemistry can cause etching or pitting and both can be unsightly and irritating to swimmers. Etching, scaling or plaster roughness can be cause by low pH or alkalinity. Either way, we are back to water chemistry.

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Q:How do I eliminate rough plaster?A:Many times rough plaster must be sanded by hand with a circular sander with fine paper. An acid wash may also be necessary and in many instances is recommended by pool service professionals in Scottsdale, AZ when a pool is sanded.

Always check with a pool service professional in Scottsdale, AZ before any attempt at using any pool service chemical, and always follow the direction on the container. Call 480-222-0895 today for more information.

Q:How do I stop getting rough plaster?A:Make sure your water chemistry is balanced at least weekly. While this will go a long way in helping to eliminate rough plaster, it may not be enough. Sometimes rough plaster is a by-product of a poor plaster job and the roughness eventually works its way out from the gunite to the exterior of the plaster. Call 480-222-0895 today for more information.

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