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Brushing the Pool in Scottsdale, AZ

It is critical to brush your pool at least once a week to maintains the pool’s surface and prevent the formation of stubborn dirt stains and algae.Failure to brush the pool can result in the formation of stubborn dirt stains and algae. Before brushing turn your valves so that the pump is drawing maximum suction from the main drain. Start brushing at the shallow end with slow, overlapping strokes, from the tile line down, and work toward the main drain.

Cleaning the Tile

The ring or scum line that forms on the tile is a combination of oil and dust and should be cleaned at least once a week. A tile cleaner applied with a brush will generally remove this light residue. Gray or white deposits (scale) on the tile can be removed with a soft pumice stone or a liquid tile cleaner.

Maintaining and Checking Pool and Spa Water Quality

Test your pool’s pH and free chlorine levels daily, adding chemicals as needed. Proper chemical balance is important for maintaining a healthy pool. Be sure to follow the chemical manufacturer’s instructions closely regarding proper dosage for your size pool. Add an algaecide and chlorine to your pool before covering it for the winter. The water will stay clear and algae-free until you reopen it.

Maintaining Swimming Pool PH LevelsThe ideal pH for pool water is 7.5. A pH range of 7.4-7.6 is considered acceptable. Maintaining an alkalinity range from 80-120 ppm will help minimize changes in pH, which can result in scaling and corrosion.

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