Chemical Wash

Pool Chemical Wash

From recreation to fitness, the reason that we chose to invest in a pool is not always the same for everyone. There are different components to a pool that are especially important to the many pool owners across the valley. However, there are a few aspects that we can all agree need to be in order for our pool experience to be the best it can. If you are in need of a pool chemical wash, Admiral Pools can assist.

The most important factor is how clean the pool’s water is. Healthy water is key to ensuring that family and friends are safe to enjoy your hard earned pool. Doing so isn’t always easy, as it is sometimes difficult to notice a dirty pool without a trained eye. Of course sometimes pool water is clearly murky and green, but other times, bacteria and algae may be building up without you even realizing it.

When this is the case, contact and ingestion of contaminated water can result in illness to the individual who may have come too close. This is obviously the most important thing that you want to avoid as a pool owner. Though the look of your pool is not nearly as important as this notion, it is nice to keep your pool looking pristine and clean, too.

When your pool looks clean, it feels clean, as well. Keeping your tile or pebble tech looking as though it is brand new, doesn’t only make you feel good about the pool, but also keeps dirt and grime from building on these easy to reach places. Pool water health and pool wall health go hand in hand, and should be taken care of periodically to ensure the pool is kept up to its maximum potential.

Because pools are used so often in the Phoenix area, pool tile, plaster, and pebble tech is easily worn down and chipped with time. Stains from algae, the sun, or chemicals can also affect the look of pool walls and are difficult to remove by a simple scrub. These problems can be unsightly and are without a doubt problematic for cosmetic reasons and the overall functionality of the pool.

At Admiral Pools, our technicians understand your desires and needs when it comes to all pool cleaning endeavors. When your pool is looking a bit under the weather, we have a few suggestions to brighten up your swimming area, and the water.

Our technicians are certified to perform acid, chlorine, and pool chemical washes on pools of all sizes. Whether your swimming pool is industrial size, or on the smaller end of the spectrum, Admiral Pools is happy to work with you on getting your pool looking and feeling brand new with a wash.

For every pool chemical wash that we complete, the first step is draining the pool. We bring in an electric drain that removes all of the water from the pool, so that the pool’s walls can be treated without affecting the chemical balance of the water. Once the surface has been revealed, we get down to the dirty work, which can differ depending on which wash you and our technician have decided is best to address your specific needs.

An acid wash involves dousing the pool’s surface with a layer of acid that removes grime and stains built up from years of use. Because the acid is so strong, it is not recommended unless the plaster can withstand a layer or so being removed. If this is the case, a thin layer of surface will slowly come off of the pool’s walls after some scrubbing by our team, revealing a beautiful “new” surface. Acid washes should be performed with a great deal of care and consideration, and should under no circumstances be tried by someone who is not a licensed professional. The acid can burn through too many layers leaving the pool more unsightly than ever.

Chlorine washes are another great option for those looking to remove algae and build up from their pool wall’s surface. Once the pool has been temporarily drained, chlorine covers the area and is scrubbed down. The scrubbing and chlorine remove layers of caked on debris and slime that is otherwise unattainable to be removed. Through a chlorine wash, algae that would have likely continued to build up and go unnoticed is removed, revealing a sparkling surface.

Admiral Pools knows the concerns that many pool owners have when it comes to chemically washing their swimming pool. Though the process may sound scary, when the procedure is seen out by an professional with years of experience, there is no need to fear. Our technicians have dealt with the most troubling of grime build ups and know the right formula to tackle the algae that has made a home in your backyard.

Get your pool water healthy and your pool walls shining once again. Admiral Pools will stop by for a free estimate and consultation, no strings attached. You will be amazed at the difference you will see after your pools, chemical, acid or chlorine wash. Let us show you the Admiral Pools difference–give us a call today!

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