Community Pool Service

Complex and Community Pool Service

Admiral Pools is your knowledgeable connection for community pool service or repairs on semi-public pools and spas which are regulated by the Maricopa County Health Department. Semi-public pools are those which are in a multi-unit housing complex, either a private apartment setting or owned by an HOA. Admiral Pools works closely with many management companies and Home Owner Associations. We are familiar with Maricopa County and Federal regulations concerning all aspects of these pools and spas, we know what is required. We carry the necessary levels of liability and workers comp insurance that are needed for us to be a vendor on these properties, and we are a licensed commercial contractor. Admiral Pools is also a member of the “Trusted Partner” program affiliated with some of the larger property management companies in the west, including the Management Trust organization. We are ready to provide you with any proposals or evaluations that will be beneficial to your pool or spa. We are always available and also maintain a 24/7 callout for emergency situations.

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Weekly Service

In The Valley, our pools are a staple in year round, backyard fun. Because the almost always warm weather permits for pool time whenever we please, our pools need to be especially well kept. It’s never fun going out for a swim and realizing that there is cleaning to be done before anyone can enjoy themselves. Not to mention the constant concern as to whether or not all necessary chemicals are in balance for a healthy pool.

At Admiral Pools, we maintain your pool so that you don’t have to. Our technicians have been cleaning pools for decades and have a passion for doing so. Let us come service your pool every week to ensure that the water you are swimming in is as clean as it should be. Whether you can see it or not, the potential for bacteria, debris, dirt, an imbalance of chemicals, and equipment malfunctioning is always eminent.

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Weekly Pool Service

Swimming Pool Washes

From recreation to fitness, the reason that we chose to invest in a pool is not always the same for everyone. There are different components to a pool that are especially important to the many pool owners across The Valley. However, there are a few aspects that we can all agree need to be in order for our pool experience to be the best it can.

The most important factor is how clean the pool’s water is. Healthy water is key to ensuring that family and friends are safe to enjoy your hard earned pool. Doing so isn’t always easy, as it is sometimes difficult to notice a dirty pool without a trained eye. Of course sometimes pool water is clearly murky and green, but other times, bacteria and algae may be building up without you even realizing it.

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Chemical Wash

Swimming Pool Drains

Keeping pools clean is difficult when people are constantly in and out of the water throughout the year in the Phoenix area. Because the sunshine is almost year round here, there is no telling how many germs are in your water at one time.

Not only are people’s germs, skin and hair in the water, a gross detail that cannot be avoided, but other debris, too. The desert air is always filled with dust, pollen, leaves, and other critters that tend to somehow always land in backyard pools. This debris can accumulate easily over time, not to mention the algae and bacteria that amass on pool wall surfaces.

Although some of the filth that pool water encounters can be quickly scooped or filtered out, other deep rooted grime is not so easily taken care of. Algae and slime that has been building on pool walls, or equipment in the water, cannot always be scrubbed off. If this is the case, professional cleaning is necessary to rid the pool of harmful pathogens.

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Draining Swimming Pool