Green Pools

Green Pools

There is nothing worse than walking into your backyard for a swim, only to find a cloudy, green color has replaced your crystal clear pool water. Green pools can sneak up on you if you do not stay on top of pool maintenance. Unfortunately, this is a reality for a lot of homeowners in the Valley who have to take a few months off of enjoying their pool in the winter. Though it isn’t often, when the weather is not 110 degrees and sunny, our pools tend to take a backseat to other maintenance duties around the home.

The green color that you see in the water is caused by algae build up in and around the pool. Because of the bacteria that accumulates with algae, the pool is no longer safe to swim in. Being in and around these harmful pathogens can lead to serious health issues for you and your family.

The great news is that green pools are some of the simplest to treat with the proper technique. At Admiral Pools, our experts will test the chemical balance of your pool water to ensure that they treat the water with exactly what it needs. Although every pool is unique, we have algae clean ups down to a science, so shocking the water back to blue won’t be any trouble at all.

After removing debris from the pool, we carefully scrub every part of your pool’s walls to knock off all of the algae. Next, the correct chemicals are added to kill any bacteria left behind, and the filter will be run continuously to ensure the water is being treated thoroughly. Once the pool is back to its crystal clear color, our technicians will clear out any remaining debris, taking the stress out of having to dive to the bottom, for you.

Waking up to a green pool can be alarming, especially when you aren’t expecting it! Let Admiral Pools help get your pool back to its beautiful, blue color at the first sign of algae build up.

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