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There is no doubt how important swimming is to all of us in the valley, especially when it is too hot to do just about anything else outdoors. On the off chance that the weather is on the colder side, it is still nice to be able to relax in the pool whenever you please. Thankfully, most of our pools are equipped with heaters so that the desire to take a dip in the pool can be a reality 365 days a year. If you encounter an issue with your heater, Admiral Pools can assist you with pool heater repair.

Because pool heaters are not needed throughout most of the year, they tend to break down and need repair when the time comes to put the heater to use. It’s important to run your heater at least once a year to avoid these seemingly unavoidable problems. This regular maintenance is not always realistic when there are so many other duties around the home that take priority.

If you find yourself having trouble with your pool’s heater when you need it most, let Admiral Pools take a look at the problem. Our experts have years of experience dealing with the most difficult heating repairs. Heating systems are so common in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area that our technicians have seen nearly every problem, big or small, that can go wrong. We specialize in both gas and electric heating system repairs, both of which require action if not functioning properly.

Electric heating systems need to be kept in good condition because of the dangers that can come with mixing electricity and water. If an electrical component is out of place or malfunctioning, your pool and surrounding area may not be safe for you or your family. Gas leaks can be hazardous, as well, so be sure to call a professional as soon as you notice any part of your heater is not running as normal.

At Admiral Pools our number one priority is your satisfaction. Our qualified technicians know how important your pool is to you and will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable with any changes made to your heating system. Your time is valuable, and we guarantee to arrive at the time that works best with you. There is always a no strings attached, free estimation and check up with Admiral Pools.

So when you run into pool heater problems, give Admiral Pools a call to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to work with you!

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