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You know better than anyone else the way your pool normally looks, sounds, and feels. Because of how often we use our pools in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, it isn’t uncommon for one or more parts of our pool systems to be on the fritz. If this is the case, your pool water may not be healthy or safe to swim in, regardless of if problems are clearly affecting the water or not. Even if you do not see a difference in the physical quality of your water, it may not be clean as clean as it appears and time for a pool motor repair.

Clean water is made possible by your pool’s filtering system. Without a functioning pump or filter, your water may be collecting bacteria and grime at a rapid rate. But the real issue when a pool system malfunctions tends to lie at the heart of the system: the motor.

Your pool’s motor is single handedly the most important component in keeping your water pristine. Pool motors generate the power needed for pumps to continuously move water, and for filters to remove debris, dirt, and bacteria from the water. When these parts are not able to do their job, serious problems can arise.

At Admiral pools, we strive to ensure that your pool is safe and healthy for everyone to enjoy. Our seasoned technicians have experience working with different motor types, brands, sizes and Horsepowers, giving us an upper hand when it comes to motor repair. If you are unsure how to know whether or not your pool’s motor is running smoothly, here are some tips to determine if there is a problem:

  • Is your pool making noises that you do not tend to hear? When strange noises start to come from your pool system, the motor is almost always the cause.
  • Does the pool’s color or clarity look different from normal? If this is the case, your pool’s filter or pump may not be working properly potentially because of a nonfunctioning motor.
  • Do you notice that the motor is not running at all, even when turned on? Sometimes motors are completely shot and need to be replaced or rebuilt. Because the motor is the power for the entire system, it needs to be up and running at all times.

If you notice that something isn’t right with your pool’s motor, give Admiral Pools a call and let one of our experts find a solution. We have decades of experience dealing with the most difficult pool repairs and are confident that we will have your pool system up and running in no time.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Schedule an appointment with Admiral Pools, today.

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