Pool Pump Repair

Pool Pump Repair

Keeping a pool in the valley clean is no easy feat. From dust storms to year round use, our Arizona pools tend to need a little extra attention when it comes to maintenance. As a pool owner it is important to know a little bit about how your pool system runs, but even with some knowledge it is not always easy to determine how clean your pool’s water really is. When water becomes visibly dirty and green, we know something is not quite right. But what about when the water is still looking clear? How can you tell that the water is really as healthy as it looks? When is it time for a pool pump repair?

Unfortunately, sometimes there is no way to know how clean pool water is unless you are sure that every part of the filtering system is working properly. In order for this system to be functional, every component must be in good, working condition so that the system as a whole can do its job.

One area especially important to the filtering process is the pool’s pump. The pump allows for circulation of the water, necessary to push water through the filter to clear it of dirt and grime. Pool pumps suck water into a skimmer and push it out of the filter, ensuring every drop of water is thoroughly cleaned. This circulation is the only way for water to have access to filtering, and is only made possible by the pump. Without a working pump it is clear to see how detrimental its absence could be in keeping your pool healthy.

At Admiral Pools, our technicians are qualified to handle any pump problems that you may have. Through decades of experience, we have learned the most viable solutions to pump problems. Repairs can be made quickly at your convenience, but will not be done until you have been informed of the root of the problem, first. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with any necessary cleaning, repair, or replacement needed on your pool’s pump because we understand how important your pool is to you.

If you think there is an issue, big or small, with your pool’s pump, do not hesitate to call us, today! Schedule an appointment with Admiral Pools and let us show you the quality and care that your pool deserves.

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