Pool Tile Maintenance

Owning a pool is no easy feat because there are so many components that go into maintaining a healthy, safe, and beautiful environment to enjoy. In the Phoenix area, these are especially important because of how much use our backyard swimming pools get throughout the year. If you don’t keep a watchful eye on all of the aspects that keep your pool up to par, it is easy for certain things to wear down and malfunction with time. One of the toughest weatherings to battle is pool tile maintenance

Regular inspection of swimming pools is key to keeping up with everything going right, or wrong, in and around the pool. From pool equipment, to the pool walls, down to water itself, there are dozens of entities that require continuous care from someone who understands what to look for in a functioning pool.

At Admiral Pools our technicians are qualified to maintain and repair all aspects of your swimming pool. If you have a problem with the state of your pool’s water or equipment, we can diagnose the problem, and a solution, quickly. There is no telling what may lie under the surface of the water, and determining what it might be is a good idea, before it affects those taking a dip in the pool.

One problem that is often faced by pool owners around The Valley, is the wear and tear of pool deck and tile. Pool surface tends to easily chip and crack in Arizona because of the blistering sun beating down all day long. Not only does the sun affect the tile, plaster, and pebble tech, but the pool water can have a lasting affect on the area, too. With people running around on the surface near the pool and grabbing hold of the sides while swimming, there is always the possibility that some surface area may come loose and fall off.

Cracks and chips may seem like no big deal, until someone ends up hurt. Imagine taking a running jump into the water, only to trip or be cut by a piece of old tile or plaster on the side that isn’t fully sealed. This isn’t a pretty sight, but is one that is commonly seen when pool walls and bottoms are not taken care of.

Our technicians want to help keep everyone safe when they’re ready for a swim. Admiral Pools will come out to your home or place of business to examine every square foot of plaster, tile, or pebble tech to determine areas that may need repair. Tile repair is usually a simple fix that can be completed that day, or soon after finding a matching tile if need be. The Admiral Pool experts can seal cracks and crevices from splitting further, remove any jagged edges, and add tile or plaster to spaces that may be lacking some.

Sometimes, repair is not the only thing that is needed for tiles and other surfaces to be safe and looking new. At Admiral Pools, we can turn your dingy, old surfaces looking brand new, again. Tile cleaning is an easy process that involves scrubbing tiles with chemicals that will remove any built up gunk from gathering further on your pool’s surfaces. We take our time to individually clean every tile and space in between, helping keep water healthy in turn.

When a pool’s surface is clean, the water you are swimming in is, as well. There is nothing better than having confidence that your water and tile are looking as beautiful as ever. Tile cleaning and repair are both crucial to maintaining a safe and appealing pool and surrounding area. Admiral Pools is ready to take a look at where there may be problems in your pool’s surface, and get a head start on fixing them before the matter gets out of hand.

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