Residential Pool Service

Admiral pools is residential pool service with a purpose…… That is to provide an enjoyable pool and spa environment for our valued customers. We give you the gift of time and peace of mind. Today’s lifestyles are very hectic and we believe your time can be better utilized than by performing chores that are best left to a service professional. Let us do the work for you, knowing that your pool is cared for properly and is ready for your enjoyment is our purpose in life, allowing you to spend more quality time with your family and friends. We take great pride in our services and guarantee a rapid response to your needs. We deliver quality, reliable, affordable services and are dedicated to your satisfaction. We keep our customers informed when a repair is needed. After receiving permission from you we will fix the problem.

Repairs include cleaners, pumps, motors, auto fills, filters, heaters, lights, hoses, plumbing, valves, chlorinator’s, salt systems, remote systems, electrical, time clocks, in-floor cleaning systems and all other pool items.

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Community and Complex Pool Service

Admiral Pools is your knowledgeable connection for service or repairs on semi-public pools and spas which are regulated by the Maricopa County Health Department. Semi-public pools are those which are in a multi-unit housing complex, either a private apartment setting or owned by an HOA. Admiral Pools works closely with many management companies and Home Owner Associations. We are familiar with Maricopa County and Federal regulations concerning all aspects of these pools and spas, we know what is required. We carry the necessary levels of liability and workers comp insurance that are needed for us to be a vendor on these properties, and we are a licensed commercial contractor. Admiral Pools is also a member of the “Trusted Partner” program affiliated with some of the larger property management companies in the west, including the Management Trust organization. We are ready to provide you with any proposals or evaluations that will be beneficial to your pool or spa. We are always available and also maintain a 24/7 callout for emergency situations.

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