Draining Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Drains

Keeping pools clean is difficult when people are constantly in and out of the water throughout the year in the Phoenix area. Because the sunshine is almost year round here, there is no telling how many germs are in your water at one time. When it is time to change the water, Admiral Pools is here to assist with all swimming pool drains.

Not only are people’s germs, skin and hair in the water, a gross detail that cannot be avoided, but other debris, too. The desert air is always filled with dust, pollen, leaves, and other critters that tend to somehow always land in backyard pools. This debris can accumulate easily over time, not to mention the algae and bacteria that amass on pool wall surfaces.

Although some of the filth that pool water encounters can be quickly scooped or filtered out, other deep rooted grime is not so easily taken care of. Algae and slime that has been building on pool walls, or equipment in the water, cannot always be scrubbed off. If this is the case, professional cleaning is necessary to rid the pool of harmful pathogens.

Admiral Pools has been specializing in pool servicing for over four decades. Our technicians have tackled the toughest pool cleaning challenges, and guarantee that your pool will be back to its bright, beautiful color after they take care of any issues your pool may be facing. We are knowledgeable about the proper use of chemicals, all of the equipment in the business, and how to repair and treat swimming pools, big or small.

One of the first things that our experts will check is to see how well your swimming pool drains are working if you are noticing a difference in the pool water’s color, or the amount of debris that is piling up. In most pools, a drain sits at the lowest point of the pools bottom floor, allowing dirt and junk that would otherwise collect on the floor, to fall into the drain. These drains are typically covered by a grate to prevent injury or harm to those enjoying the water.

Skimmers work like drains in the sense that they collect filth, as well. Instead of sitting on the bottom of the pool, skimmers are closer to the top, to remove debris from the surface of the water. Skimmer baskets catch the debris that the skimmer has brought in, and need to be cleaned out regularly. If you are unsure where your skimmer may be located, they are usually covered by a flap that keeps the debris from moving back into the pool.

Pool drains and skimmers are no fun to clean out, and Admiral Pools is happy to do the job for you. These tasks should be done fairly regularly, especially during monsoon season, where most swimming pools in The Valley are covered in dust, leaves, and whatever else the wild weather decides to pick up. Our technicians can be scheduled to come by weekly, bimonthly, or monthly to help keep up your pool so that you don’t have to.

If the problem is much deeper than a simple sweep and skim, your pool may need to be drained to really take care of the root of the issue. When pool walls are covered in slime, or filter systems are wearing down, water can become unsightly, and more importantly, unhealthy. Unhealthy water can be harmful to those swimming in the water because we often accidentally inject small amounts of water. If this water is tainted with bacteria, or other substances, infections and illness can arise.

Pool draining should be carried out by a professional because it is often difficult to gage how long the process will take, and to know where to dispose of the gallons and gallons of water that will need to be taken out. Once our technicians completely drain the water, a chemical bath will be performed on the pool to finally rid the surface of stuck on grime.

Swimming pool chemical baths are necessary in pools where gunk and algae have made their home on walls and in hard to reach places. The pool’s empty surface is covered in, typically, chlorine to help fight the bacteria and slime. The Admiral Pool experts will then scrub the surface to finally remove whatever may be covering the walls, once and for all. Because chlorine is a strong chemical, the job should not be done by someone who hasn’t had prior experience in the situation. If the algae appears to be tougher than chlorine can handle, another chemical bath can be performed on the swimming pool. Acid washes follow the same technique as that of a chlorine bath, but instead use acid. Acid is stronger and more powerful than most chemicals that are clearly not getting the job done for the grime build up in your pool.

Admiral Pools will next refill the pool with fresh water, to match the now sparkling pool walls and floor. Swimming pool drains and refills can take time, and if not watched carefully, can overflow. Through the use of large hoses, your swimming pool will be brought back to life, the end result being a clean, “new” looking pool.

The job isn’t quite over yet. Even with clean water in the pool, swimming pool’s need chemical startups to ensure that the water quality will stay high over time. Our technicians understand the correct balance of chemicals that need to be added to water for the pool to be safe for use. They will perform a test after all chemicals have been added just to be sure that the water is healthy and doesn’t have too much or too little of one substance, which can affect the water greatly. Without swimming pool chemical startups, there is no telling how quickly water will begin to become unsafe again as bacteria is not able to be fought off by the chemicals.

Whether your pool needs some regular maintenance to keep water healthy, or a full drain, chemical bath, refill, and chemical startup, Admiral Pools knows how to get the job done. Our technicians are passionate about keeping you and your family healthy when it comes to swimming in your pool’s water. Give us a call today and we will give you a complimentary inspection and consultation so that you can be sure your water is safe to enjoy.

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