Weekly Pool Service

Weekly Pool Service

In the valley, our pools are a staple in year round, backyard fun. Because the almost always warm weather permits for pool time whenever we please, our pools need to be especially well kept with weekly pool service. It’s never fun going out for a swim and realizing that there is cleaning to be done before anyone can enjoy themselves. Not to mention the constant concern as to whether or not all necessary chemicals are in balance for a healthy pool.

At Admiral Pools, we maintain your pool so that you don’t have to. Our technicians have been cleaning pools for decades and have a passion for doing so. Let us come service your pool every week to ensure that the water you are swimming in is as clean as it should be. Whether you can see it or not, the potential for bacteria, debris, dirt, an imbalance of chemicals, and equipment malfunctioning is always eminent.

What most pool owners do not know is that pool water and equipment should be cleaned at least weekly to be kept in the best condition. When Admiral Pool’s experts come by for your weekly check up, they will test the filter, remove debris at the top and bottom of the water, check the functioning of all equipment, test chemicals, brush the pool’s walls and steps, clean baskets, and more.

If we notice there is a repair necessary or some maintenance aspect that may need extra care, we will speak with you before proceeding. After every check up, a detailed log of everything performed and evaluated that day will be left so that you are involved with the process.

Our technicians love working with our customers, and will make it a priority that you feel comfortable with us working on something so valuable to you. Schedule an appointment with Admiral Pools, today, to learn more about our weekly service plans. We can’t wait to work with you on keeping your pool healthy for years to come.

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